Witness some top Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite action with these replays of the Evo 2018 pools

By on October 10, 2018 at 4:00 pm

The crossover title’s best “Battle Without Limits!”

Though its public perception hasn’t been the fondest over its first year of life, many players are still enjoying Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. And while it wasn’t afforded a spot on the event’s main stage, the community came together to throw a side tournament at Evo 2018 last August, ensuring that MAHVEL would still have a presence at the world’s largest fighting game tournament.

With 128 entrants spanning some of the most notable names in the tag-team brawler, such as Evo Japan Champion CJA|CyberJapanAgent, Macho, TLT|Tayson, TPC|Not Enough Damage, Noel Brown, Stealth, Cl0ckw0rk, Bv.YLT|Cole, Hitbox|Punisher, AsianDemon, Ketsui, NB|ADC Dual Kelvin, Teemo, Knives, NinjaNam, Airtola, G.X., LEV8D|IHeartJustice, and more, there was guaranteed to be some truly top-level play.

Though there was no official stream for the event, PsychoBlue was fortunately able to record the majority of the pools action, providing us with over 8 hours of great Marvel action, so if you’re still an enthusiast for the game, this footage is a much-watch. Go grab some snacks, sit back, and enjoy all the hype matches — with commentary from PsychoBlue and Jako Man — below.

You can also catch the top 4 of the tournament, which took place on the official Evo side stream, here.

Source: PsychoblueSFxT


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