More datamining from X-Kira hints at additional upcoming costumes, Dojo items, and more for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

By on October 10, 2018 at 3:00 pm

Even more costumes, Dojo items, and Arcade Mode changes could be on the way!

After a long hiatus, notable Brazilian data miner X-Kira (a.k.a. Miyuki-Chan) has recently resumed his work of peering into the files of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, to see what upcoming additions and hidden surprises may be in-store for us. Recently, he unearthed files that indicate that more “Easter egg” variations could be coming to costumes that currently lack them — such as Ed’s Battle outfit — that could possibly be obtained via Menat’s Fighting Chance.

However, his findings don’t stop there, as after correctly predicting that the title would be receiving a Dojo mode over a year ago, X-Kira has seemingly found a new item for the customizable arena that will change the backdrop from a traditional martial arts training facility into a Capcom Wrestling Association (CWA) wrestling arena (another thing he hinted at long ago) though he is admittedly unsure if this will be obtainable via Fighting Chance, or it will be a paid or free DLC addition sold in the in-game Shop when/if it is released.

In regards to potentially upcoming Costumes, it appears that M. Bison will finally join the other three original Shadaloo Kings in receiving his classic duds, as X-Kira claims the Shadaloo dictator will expand his wardrobe with his original slim appearance and original black hair, from his Street Fighter II and Capcom vs. SNK days — likely as the next outfit in Fighting Chance, once Balrog’s “Mike-Like” costume campaign ends shortly.

Furthermore, X-Kira claims that Santa will be gifting the 2018 round of Christmas Holiday attires to the Season 3 quartet of Sakura, Blanka, Falke, and Cody, while Nash will be joining Cammy in acquiring his Cannon Spike outfit, on top of Juri and F.A.N.G getting new “Mech” attires. Cammy, Urien, and Kolin will also be getting outfits from “Sets 92-94” respectively, which will be newly-themed packs, all of which he claims will drop between October and December.

Looking ahead to 2019 and Season 4, X-Kira claims that M. Bison will be receiving another Nostalgic costume, returning him to the height of his Psycho Power with the larger, bulkier, look he sported in the Street Fighter Alpha and 2D Marvel vs. Capcom games. Birdie may be developing another sudden case of the illness that plagued him in the original Street Fighter, with a return to the nearly-unrecognizable pale-white skin we first knew him for; while the World Warrior himself Ryu, will be heading back to both the Street Fighter I and II days — complete with red shoes for the former — for his first taste of Nostalgic clothing. Abigail will also reportedly be getting his second post-launch outfit, as he joins rival Cody in returning to his Final Fight roots. He also mentions that the “Nguuhao Palace” and “The Ring” stages for F.A.N.G and R. Mika are “supported by the current client, but that does not guarantee that they will come this year.”

Next, X-Kira speaks of an expansion to the titular Arcade Mode, noting that NPC opponents will eventually be added to the ladder, such as Decapre challenging you in the Street Fighter IV path, with Juli appearing in the Street Fighter Alpha path, with some Dolls even showing up in the Street Fighter V ladder, depending on your chosen character. He also implies that a new interface could be in the works for the mode as well, and that Cyber Akuma from Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter could soon be challenging us in Extra Battle.

Finally, X-Kira has Tweeted pictures of Resident Evil’s Jill Valentine — in both her S.T.A.R.S. uniform and Resident Evil 3 attires — which he has noted will be another Crossover Costume for Cammy, as well as Albert Wesker — clad in both his original S.T.A.R.S. uniform, as well as his coatless attire from The Mercenaries: 3D. There are also images of Rival School’s Hinata Wakaba and the emblem of Taiyo High School, meaning we could possibly see Costumes from those franchises in the future… You can see all of X-Kira’s tweets about these developments below — but as always, remember to take everything with a grain of salt until it’s officially announced!

Feel free to share your thoughts on these potential developments in the comments section below!

Source: X-KiraDatamining (Twitter)


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