Datamining hints that new Easter egg alternates for costumes that don’t have them are coming to Street Fighter V via Fighting Chance

By on October 10, 2018 at 11:00 am

One interesting feature that many of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s costumes have is their “Easter egg” variations that can be accessed by holding down certain buttons during the pre-fight versus screen (hold up and LK+LP+MP+HP until the round starts). Currently, only select costumes have this Easter egg — it’s a feature that is usually included on paid Premium DLC costumes. However, it seems that may change soon.

Dataminer X-Kira has revealed that Easter egg costume variations may be coming to costumes that don’t have them, via Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition‘s Fighting Chance randomized loot box-ish system.

The Fighting Chance system works like a typical loot box system in other games, though it only accepts in-game Fight Money — and for the most part, it offers items for Survival mode, decorating the Dojo, and extra costume colors — the system however, is also used for exclusive costumes, such as “Cannon Spike” Cammy and original Street Fighter Sagat. However, instead of full costumes, what has been found here are alternate Easter egg variations for existing costumes.

X-Kira released a screenshot of the Easter egg variation of Ed’s costume, where he loses his cape and top, showing off the Shadaloo tattoo on his back:


In addition to this, they’ve also mentioned having spotted Easter eggs for the following costumes in the game’s code:

  • Balrog (default)
  • Ed (battle outfit 1)
  • Kolin (default, story, battle outfit 1)
  • M. Bison (default)
  • Menat (default, story)
  • Vega (default)
  • Zeku (battle outfit 1)

When we’ll see these implemented in the game properly is a mystery, until more information is uncovered — or until Capcom makes an official announcement.

Source: X-Kira


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