Punk, Scar, and Theo are free agents after parting ways with Echo Fox

By on October 9, 2018 at 1:00 pm

Some top players are now seeking new sponsors!

Some significant changes to the team lineup for Echo Fox have been revealed today. To start: Punk has been a familiar face in the upper brackets of any Street Fighter V tournament he enters; after a six-month run sporting the team colors for Echo Fox — having joined in March 2018 — Punk is once again a free agent.

And he wasn’t the only player to announce a change in sponsorship with the team today: Injustice 2 pros Scar and Theo have also revealed their departure from Echo Fox, via Twitter:

Players with as much talent as these competitors are sure to continue to make waves in the tournament scene, whether they are picked up by a new sponsor or not. Best of luck out there, guys!

Sources: Punk (Twitter); Scar (Twitter); Theo (Twitter)


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