Cervantes move list and strategy: Get ahead of the curve with these videos for SoulCalibur VI’s undead pirate

By on October 9, 2018 at 11:00 am
cervantes video reveal SC6

One of the notable absences from the SoulCalibur VI Network Test was the dread pirate Cervantes. Though there have been a few opportunities to see footage of the sword dual-wielding fighter, currently, we can only use uploaded footage to study up on this character. If you’re a Cervantes main or simply interested in what’s new for him, check out the following media to get familiar with his tools.

For anyone who’s played Cervantes before, they should feel right at home with his SoulCalibur VI iteration, as he still makes great use of his Dread Charge stance and teleports. The teleport doesn’t have much invulnerability, but Cervantes can cancel Dread Charge or use Dread Charge Dash. He also has very strong slide moves, Ab and Ba. Instant Geo Da Ray returns as well, rewarding those who practice execution.

docvizzo compiled a move analysis video below showcasing what’s changed for the pirate. He makes some comparisons to the SoulCalibur V version of Cervantes as well.

Jovian Chan posted a few informative tweets about Cervantes (LH is Lethal Hit):

It’s not ideal, but Bigbrook recorded camera videos of Cervantes’ move list and a match while at Comic Con:

For more on the game, read up on Shoryuken’s SoulCalibur VI Network Test impressions.

Sources: docvizzo; Jovian Chan; Bigbrook


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