Tyrant and PackZ breakdown Street Fighter V’s Ibuki in latest episode of “Frame Advantage”

By on October 8, 2018 at 11:00 am
ibuki srk

“As a character, she can override neutral so easily…”

UK Street Fighter V Pros Tyrant and PackZ return today with another episode in the long running SF tutorial series, Frame Advantage. Today, they study the many options of Street Fighter V‘s ninja prodigy, Ibuki.

There’s a lot of parallels between herself and Akuma, whom the crew thoroughly dissected earlier in the series. Both characters are option-heavy, high damage characters with strong emphasis on post-knockdown momentum. Ibuki has a little bit less versatility than her shoto-counterpart, but makes up for it in frustrating wakeup 50/50’s and one of the best approaches in Street Fighter — EX Kunai.

Source: Frame Advantage

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