NihongoGamer gives a tour of the Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition location test at Taito Station

By on October 8, 2018 at 10:00 am

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition had its first location test over the past weekend. For those who may be wondering how the location test actually works, NihongoGamer took some footage of the location test at the Taito Station arcade in Shinjuku for an insider’s look.

The video below goes over some of the actual quirks of the location test, as well as the build of the game that was used. Taito Station’s cabinets were side by side, instead of head to head as is usually the case. As previously reported, the arcade itself DualShock 4 pads for any players who preferred using one.

As for the game itself, the build at the location tests had a training mode on top of the arcade mode. In versus matches, players adhered to the “winners stay” rule, though players themselves were limited to 5 wins before they had to stand up and let someone else play.

Source: NihongoGamer

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