Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s first arcade location test is this weekend, here are the details

By on October 5, 2018 at 9:00 am

As previously reported, the arcade port of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will have its first location test this weekend. As part of this, Taito (who run the NESiCAxLive network that the game uses) has released some additional details about the location test.

For those in Japan looking to try the game out, Taito has revealed the arcades participating in the location test. They are as follows:

In addition to these, they’ve also released a list of which arcade sticks are confirmed to work with the game’s USB functionality. These are the Razer Panthera, the HORI Real Arcade Pro series, and the HORI Fighting Edge Blade. That said, they state that some other gamepads may also work with the game.

Source: Taito


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