Core-A Gaming analyzes the need for community in the FGC

By on October 4, 2018 at 11:00 am
core a gaming

After a bit of a hiatus Core-A Gaming has brought us another golden piece of content: this time, regarding the importance of community. Throughout, he covers how being involved in a community can help us form an identity for ourselves, as well as fulfilling an innate human desire to belong to something. The video continues to talk about what exactly makes  a community, its significance to those belonging to it, and how one might become a part of one.

While the breadth of great fighting games we can enjoy has never been wider, the potential to splinter and fragment our community into cliques and clubs is also at an all-time high. We cannot remind ourselves enough why it is we started playing these games in the first place, and ultimately wound up going to events: because we love fighting games. Whether we’re playing them, creating fan art, cosplaying, commentating matches, or creating digestible content, we all play a part in what makes the FGC so beautiful. From convention centers filled with thousands of competitors, to a 6-player local ran in your buddy’s basement, everyone has a seat at the table.

Source: Core-A Gaming


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