Youmacon Battle Opera 2018 announced: Game list and registration details for the November convention

By on October 3, 2018 at 11:00 am
youmacon battle opera 2018

The Japanese culture and anime-centered convention Youmacon is right around the corner as we enter the fall period. You can descend onto the Detroit, Michigan event on November 1st-4th to celebrate fandom — and also take the opportunity to participate in one of over 30 fighting game tournaments.

Youmacon Battle Opera 2018 takes place on November 2nd at Cobo Hall. Several new fighting games will be available, like Fighting EX Layer, Blade Strangers, and SoulCalibur VI. Other than current titles like Street Fighter VDragon Ball FighterZ, and Tekken 7, expect a few classics like Melty Blood: Actress Again Current CodeSailor Moon SMarvel vs. Capcom 2Windjammers, and many more.

Here’s a visual schedule of events:

youmacon 2018 schedule

The Youmacon Battle Opera 2018 page offers pre-registration details. Each game costs $10 to enter; note though that does not include the venue fee. For that, you need to pick up a Game Room Badge onsite for $30. For those not attending, the action will be streamed on:

Source: via tip from @MruSuk


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