FK Digital rebrands as “Border Violation” and releases freeware 2D fighter “Angels of Battle”

By on October 3, 2018 at 2:00 pm

When indie developers FK Digital put out freeware fighter Super Cosplay War Ultra in 2004, they used that as part of their resume to eventually entice publisher Arc System Works in 2011. The end result of this was Chaos Code.

In a strange turn of events, FK Digital has now re-branded themselves as “Border Violation” and returned, in a way, to the world of Super Cosplay War Ultra with their latest self-published freeware fighter Angels of Battle.

AOB features 2 returning SCWU characters (Erus, Kay) and 4 brand new characters. You can find out more about the game — and download it for free — by visiting the developers’ Facebook page here.

Sources: AOBBVTomay Mako


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