Inferno shows up in leaked gameplay footage of SoulCalibur VI, has modified Nightmare movelist

By on October 2, 2018 at 10:12 am

Finnish YouTube channel Checkpoint TV showed off Inferno gameplay in SoulCalibur VI. Why we already knew the Big Bad Skull Head would be back, we weren’t sure of his playability — and since leaks claimed he was a mimic, we apparently didn’t know what his style was like, either.

Unfortunately, this video — and its description — just adds more mystery. The YouTube channel in question claims this is “two-player versus mode”, but if you find that tough to believe, it’s understandable: there’s no evidence of the character select screen, it’s unclear why this Finnish channel would be given access to this character when no one else was, and, if I may be so bold: have you ever seen anyone playing SoulCalibur do nothing for long periods of time the way this “player” does in Round 2? The only possible giveaway that this is actually versus mode is the “Total Wins” screen at the beginning of the video, which just begs the question of what means Checkpoint TV used to get to this in the first place.

In the above video he’s only shown using a modified version of Nightmare’s movelist,with his own original teleport, command grabs, and other unique options we haven’t seen from Nightmare yet. If he can mimic other characters like the previous leaks mentioned, this video did not illustrate it. Even if this ends up not being in a two-player mode (and with the damage on that command grab, that may be for the best!), this form of Inferno’s movelist calls back to his boss form from the original SoulCalibur, and is probably the best he has visually looked in any game to date.

Source: Checkpoint TV


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