Tira, Talim, and Voldo impressions from SoulCalibur VI’s Network Mode test

By on October 1, 2018 at 4:00 pm
Voldo SoulCalibur VI resize

Bandai Namco gave PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users a great opportunity this past weekend: a free, downloadable client of SoulCalibur VI for Network Mode testing. Though there was no opportunity to practice in Training Mode, for many players around the world it was the first opportunity to get their hands on the game. Furthermore, certain characters like Talim and Voldo made it later to the roster, so there haven’t been as many impressions on them. The video footage below focuses on those two as well as Tira, who debuted with the limited beta.

Aris on his Avoiding the Puddle channel has been streaming the game nearly non-stop. Check him out using Voldo below (7:30 was especially funny):

These clips also show him using Talim a lot:

Speaking of Talim, she hasn’t been available much at events, so even those who attended certain tournaments didn’t have a chance to try the Wind Priestess. Well, don’t underestimate her, as she can pack quite a punch right now. Kayane shows off what she has picked up so far in this segment.

For some shorter impressions, check out Uri’s clips of using Tira, who is a DLC-only character, but she was available in the Network Test.

If it’s about SoulCalibur, you have to hear from Maximilian Dood. If you’d like to listen a little to find out how good the online play has been rather than just watch more footage, hear his thoughts below.

How have you enjoyed the Network Test? Share your impressions with us by commenting below.

Sources: Avoiding the Puddle; Maximilian Dood; KayaneTV; UriFGC


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