ARIKA opens up on the development of Fighting EX Layer for Steam and arcades

By on October 1, 2018 at 10:00 am
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Last week, ARIKA released a video announcing that they were working on a PC port of Fighting EX Layer. The video itself didn’t reveal much, just showing the game running in a window on a PC. Now, ARIKA has opened up about the development of this version, and the arcade version, via Facebook.

ARIKA starts their Facebook post by thanking people for the support that allowed them to release two additional characters for the game. They follow up on this, however, by stating that their resources are still limited. The reason they’re able to work on both an arcade and Steam version is due to the fact that both will be running on Windows.

Originally, this meant that they wouldn’t be updating the PlayStation 4 version during this time, again due to their limited resources. The Steam and arcade versions, which would be 1.1.1, were to have no differences in gameplay with the current 1.1.0 version in the PS4. However, ARIKA head Akira Nishitani decided that he wanted to further change some of the Gougi decks. As such, to make sure that the PlayStation 4 version remains up to date with the other versions, they have decided that they will be updating the it to version 1.1.1 as well.

Additionally, they state that any future updates and content that will be coming to the game are still dependent on the sales of the upcoming versions. Finally, in regards to cross-platform play, they conceded that they do not have the funding to deploy all the back end server hardware that would be required for such a thing to happen.

Source: ARIKA (Facebook)


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