Study up on SoulCalibur VI’s Xianghua with this guide from Kayane

By on September 28, 2018 at 11:00 am
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SoulCalibur VI’s star fencer, Xianghua, plays a significant role in the game and is a series mainstay. Famous for her evasive movements, parries, and the Crybaby maneuver, this character appeals to those who like to pressure the opponent with mind games. Though she may not be as popular as some select characters, but there’s certainly a famous fighting game personality tied to her — Kayane.

The French player, widely considered as the best Xianghua for many years, put together a written guide that breaks down what you need to know to do well in the SoulCalibur VI Network Test. In her Xianghua Guide, she delineates which parts of the character are more advanced versus basic, so don’t worry about being bogged down in difficult terminology. Recognizing that the Network Test doesn’t offer optimal training conditions, Kayane describes the spirit of the character, who isn’t focused as much on damage, but pressuring the opponent as well as countering their pressure in specific ways.

After the intro, you’ll learn what Xianghua’s best moves are. The basics cover standard pokes, expanding into her stance game and the infamous 22_B, which is an evading launcher. Though combos might be difficult to grasp at first, it’s definitely recommended to know her Auto Guard Impacting moves, which can often trigger Lethal Hits for additional hitstun. Finish the opponent off by comboing into her Critical Edge or enter Soul Charge to barrage the opponent with enhanced strings. Keep in mind that even Kayane herself hasn’t had that much time to spend with the game, so this is still far from what the character can ultimately offer.

For additional help, refer to a manual put together by Bandai Namco for the network test or check out Hayate’s video guides on Zasalamel and Nightmare.

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