Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will finally hit arcades in Japan in 2019

By on September 23, 2018 at 10:00 am

After the Capcom Pro Tour Japanese Premier finals finished up at Tokyo Game Show, Ono came on stage to announce that Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition would be arriving in Japanese Arcades sometime next year.

While already three years into the game’s lifespan, this could provide a strong resurgence in the Japanese player-base considering their original roots with the franchise. The game cabinet will be played on Vewlix hardware,and have a USB slot for those who may prefer playing on a traditional console gamepad or their own arcade stick.

Lastly, the slides detailed a planned Location Test for the release October 5th-7th, of this year. Considering the way Capcom has handled location tests with previous titles, one has to wonder if a balance update is also in the works for the game. Although much more pertinent to Japan, it’s exciting for Street Fighter fans the world over that Capcom has found the support to finally bring their newest entry into the series to the arcades they called home for the past few decades, and can hopefully bolster a rekindled passion for the game going forward!

Source: Capcom Fighters