Tons of new SoulCalibur VI footage reveals Lizardman’s moveset, new character slots, Azwel gameplay, and more!

By on September 20, 2018 at 8:21 am

At Tokyo Game Show 2018, a new build of SoulCalibur VI showed up with Cervantes and Raphael playable… this time, intentionally so. At around the same time, the NDA lifted for various top French players who have been demoing the game, such as Hayate EIN and KayaneTV. Put together, this means that there’s a flood of new SoulCalibur VI content to pour through. Let’s jump in!

First, Hayate EIN showed off Soul Chronicles, Libra of Souls and Battle modes. Here’s where we first see several open character slots, and a surprise appearance from a CPU with Lizardman’s movelist. He doesn’t have his Winged Stance from SCV or his Crawl stance from SCIII or IV, so this appears to be a return to classic SC/SCII Lizardman. The question now is simply: when will he be playable?

Hayate also brings us our first true glimpse of some of Azwel’s capabilities…

…as well as some fine exploration of Raphael’s new movelist via SoulCalibur FR against a Cervantes player. My word, Raphael’s Soul Charge 6BBB does a grip of damage, doesn’t it?

KayaneTV shows off the first 15 minutes of Gerlat’s story mode.

And here’s a truckload of new footage from TGS. The following players may not be FGC, but it’s still the first glimpse we have of the playable builds of Seong Mi-Na and Voldo.

With a month left and 4 character slots sitting blank, certainly two of the spaces is Tira and Lizardman. It’s gonna be tough waiting to see what Namco plans to do with those other two spaces.

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