C3 AFA Jakarta X Game Start results

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Earlier this month, the 2018 C3 Anime Festival Asia (AFA) Jakarta took place in Jakarta, Indonesia. BEASTAPAC and Game Start combined to create AFA Play, an event featuring several fighting game titles, held at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE).

Most notably, the Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament at the event was part of the DBFZ 2018/2019 World Tour, serving as an Asian Dragon Radar Event — where the winner would, of course, be flown out to the Saga Event of their choosing to compete for a Dragon Ball and a spot in the World Tour Finals in 2019. However, the lineup of titles also included Tekken 7, Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, and the upcoming SoulCalibur VI.


Dragon Ball FighterZ

1. AG|Drek (SSGSS Vegito/Super Saiyan Goku/Super Saiyan Vegeta) – Will be flown to the Saga Event of his choice
2. CGP|Alden (Adult Gohan/Android 16/Kid Buu)
3. InC|VGD (Bardock/Tien/Android 16, Super Saiyan Vegeta/Bardock/Android 16)
4. DD|Jems (Cell/Adult Gohan/Super Saiyan Goku)
5. AG|Ankurupls (Cell/Piccolo/Tien)
5. AG|Kontoru (Vegeta/Super Saiyan Goku/Tien)
7. AG|DivisionRing (Android 16/Majin Buu/Super Saiyan Vegeta)
7. Fabiozwei (Adult Gohan/Bardock/Kid Buu)
9. Andaru (Captain Ginyu/Frieza/Super Saiyan Vegeta)
9. DFox|The_Axses (Teen Gohan/Trunks/Super Saiyan Vegeta)
9. SOL (Adult Gohan/Gotenks/Yamcha)
9. AG|ThatGarlicGuy
13. Onde Onde
13. AG|Buramu
13. KenobiK66
13. Dree


SoulCalibur VI

1. Drez (Nightmare)
2. AULGM|Wahontoys (Sophitia)
3. Permac (Maxi)
4. Fabiozwei (Seigfried)
5. AULGM|Ampasmon (Xianghua)
5. ChrisX (Siegfried)
7. Klemot (Taki, Mitsurugi)
7. Gojieb (Taki)
9. Desertkona (Kilik)
9. Hundred Beasts (Yoshimitsu)
9. AG|Buramu
9. InC|VGD (Kilik)
13. Bushwacker (Grøh)
13. MaxV3 (Siegfried)
13. Semohe


Tekken 7

1. Tj (Geese)
2. SbyRazor (Jin, Devil Jin)
3. AG|R-TecH (JACK-7)
4. Lee_yo (Asuka)


BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

1. CGP|Alden (Yu Narukami, Hakumen)
2. InC|VGD (Vatista/Waldstein)
3. AG|DivisionRing (Nu-13/Waldstein)
4. DD|FujiwaraLunasa (Vatista/Yuzuriha)


Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2

1. AG|DivisionRing (Axl Low)
2. 0rez
3. Hikage
4. DFox|The_Axses
5. DD|AnkoVi
5. Boma
7. Excelence
7. Shinso
9. Dree
9. Nanashi
9. Pemudamamasaya
9. Berry’s
13. InC|VGD
13. ADMZ01

Sources: Challongebeastapac


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