Online community Dojos are coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on September 25

By on September 19, 2018 at 10:15 am
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Obviously, the Saikyo-ryu dojo will be the strongest one.

A lot of new SFV content is coming on September 25! Along with new Darkstalkers and Halloween costumes, Capcom just revealed a new “Dojo” feature on Shadaloo C.R.I., Capcom’s official source of SFV information updated by the development team.

Every player who syncs their SFV account on the official Shadaloo C.R.I. website and joins a Dojo will receive a new Dojo stage for free! The free Dojo stage starts off with the look of a traditional martial arts dojo with an open area, wooden accents, and rays of light shining through the windows. However, you can customize the Dojo stage to fit your personal preferences! Once you have joined a Dojo, you will have access to your Dojo menu, which allows you to customize your personal stage with a large variety of objects that can be unlocked — such as vehicles, instruments, sports items, plants, statues, and much more. You can obtain Dojo stage items in a variety of ways, but most of them have specific unlock requirements, such as ranking high in the Dojo rankings, or getting them through a separate set of readings in Menat’s Fighting Chance.

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What is a Dojo exactly?

A Dojo is a community hub with a Grand Master and Dojo members. The person who creates the Dojo will automatically become the Grand Master, but that title can be handed over to another member if they do not wish to be the leader. Upon creating the Dojo, the Grand Master can name the Dojo, set the Dojo emblem, write an introductory blurb about the Dojo, set the maximum number of members, set who can approve a member application, and even create a flyer to attract members!

You can only apply for one Dojo at a time. You can search for them under a player’s Fighter ID, the Dojo ID, or other conditions. After joining a Dojo, you can view a list of Dojo members and their profiles, their favorite characters, the Dojo rankings. You can even link your Dojo to your Twitter account.

There are also Dojo rankings. In the main Dojo menu, you can view “Member Ranking” to see how all members stand in the dojo. Every member will automatically have points applied to them upon playing Arcade, Survival, Extra Battle, Ranked Match, Casual Match, and Battle Lounge; the more you play, the more points you’ll get. Every point obtained by every member will factor into the larger Dojo rankings where all Dojos are displayed on a leaderboard. If your Dojo ends each month as one of the top ranks, everyone in that Dojo will receive a special decorative object to show off. The Dojo rankings will begin in October 2018. Check out Capcom-Unity for more details.

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