The physical disc version of Fighting EX Layer arrives on December 6 in Japan

By on September 18, 2018 at 5:00 pm

As previously reportedFighting EX Layer is getting a physical disc release in Japan. Now, we know exactly when the physical version of ARIKA’s excellent fighting game will arrive.

Fighting EX Layer‘s physical edition will be available in Japan on December 6 for ¥6,960. As a special bonus, first print copies will also come with free DLC. What exactly this DLC is has not yet been confirmed. ARIKA has so far only released 1 paid DLC character (Hokuto) and a number of paid Gougi decks. However, these are only DLC for the “Lite” version of the game, and come with the “Standard” version.

That said, the trailer they showed at Evo 2018 hinted at more DLC characters, including SNK’s Terry Bogard. It could be possible that one or all of these character will be included with physical release, if they come out in time for it.

Source: Amiami


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