A new character is being created for SoulCalibur VI — with the community’s help

By on September 18, 2018 at 1:30 pm

For the first time ever, the SoulCalibur series is creating a character completely based on community feedback.

The game’s official account released the news in a tweet, which revealed that the character would be created through a series of polls via Straw Poll.

The community can vote on a collection of attributes for the character, the first of which is race. Available races include everything from humans, Winged Lost Souls, Shapeshifters, Colossi, and more. So far, it appears that the playerbase has expressed an overwhelming preference for Lizardmen, which sit at over 20% of total votes.

Soul Calibur Straw Poll

Revenants take precedence just under this choice, with 16% of votes, after which sits the Hidden Village Clan and Automatons.

The poll began at 9:00 AM PT on September 18, and will end at the same time on September 19. Fans can get a look at what the character will might look like through the tweet’s character selection screen, although other attributes have yet to be officially announced.

Along with the game’s Create-a-Soul feature and guest characters, SoulCalibur VI is looking to have a very colorful roster of fighters. SoulCalibur fans should keep their eyes peeled for another poll, which could very well take place tomorrow!

Source: SoulCalibur (Twitter )

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