ProviderOfSouls explains the depth and inner workings of Power Stone’s system mechanics

By on September 17, 2018 at 2:00 pm
power stone srk

The early part of 1999 featured the release of two beloved item-using fighting games — Nintendo’s Smash Bros. series and Capcom’s Power Stone series. The latter, while remembered fondly, has been somewhat overlooked in recent times by both the FGC and its own developer. ProviderOfSouls wishes to change that with his detailed breakdown of the game’s mechanics and a new home for competitive play:

If you were unfamiliar with this 3-button arcade fighter or looking to play some games with those that appreciate its meta as much as ProviderOfSouls does, check out the video above or hop into the Power Stones Discord!

Source: ProviderOfSouls


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