Momochi’s tournament venue ‘Studio Sky’ is remodeling, refocusing, and considering expansion

By on September 15, 2018 at 10:00 am

Echo Fox’s Momochi and Chocoblanka are known for their efforts in strengthening Japan’s competitive fighting game community. Their tournament venue, Studio Sky, has recently made another major step in furthering the FGC’s evolution.

Momochi announced the development in a Twitter post, which provided a link to an official announcement on Fugutabetai, FGC translator and resident of Japan, has translated the statement for English-speakers’ consumption, thus revealing an exciting advancement for the event.

As of September 14, Studio Sky is no longer a rental venue, but will rather operate as a ‘Gaming Office Space.’ This space will include room for workers and players alike, allowing esports staff a place to work from and players an area to practice in. The venue will therefore undergo remodeling in order to accommodate the change, and will implement new equipment, as well.

However, players will still be able to reserve practice times as they wish. In addition, Studio Sky will also open up as a “Free eSports Practice Facility” on select days during a trial period.


That’s not all – the statement revealed a possible plan for the future, as well. Should Studio Sky’s expansion prove fruitful, Momochi and Chocoblanka will seek to implement even more esports facilities in addition to their existing venue.

In the past year, Studio Sky has broadened to include gaming teams, streaming groups, and casting divisions, increasing the count of players and staff members into what the report lovingly called a “big family.” Such an increase likely warranted the change, which now encompasses both the working and competitive sides of the esports realm.

The report expressed a deep gratitude to the community as a whole, thanking them for their support and cooperation. Through this expansion, they hope to “improve player skills and maintain one’s motivation” – the motto for the proposed venues. With such a zealous business plan, fans can keep their eyes peeled for even more Studios under the Shinobism umbrella opening for business in the future.


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