Arc System Works reveals point structure for the ArcRevo 2019 world tour, Revolution 2018 bonus prize

By on September 13, 2018 at 11:00 am
ArcRevo America 2019 logo 750x400

Arc System Works used their Evo 2018 stage time to announce the ArcRevo 2019 World Tour. Outside of this initial push, ArcSys has kept information on the tour close to their chest — at least, until now, as they have just revealed how their point structure will work:

Furthermore, there’s a bonus prize being announced for ArcRevo’s first stop, Sept 28th’s Revolution 2018 tournament in London: The winner gets a paid trip to ARCREVO Japan 2018 on Nov 23rd.

Unfourtantely, Arc System Works hasn’t quite shared their full tour schedule just yet. When they do, SRK will be sure to get that news to you!

Source: Arc System Works


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