Tekken 7 Season 2 roundup: Optimized Anna bread-and-butter, Akuma wall-to-wall combo, and more!

By on September 12, 2018 at 3:00 pm

Season 2’s 1,600 changes in Tekken 7 means that we’ll likely be seeing new combo routes and tech for some time. It’s a new day — let’s dash in and see what the community has been up to!

First up, DdtOnz demonstrates the incredibly rare wall-splat-to-wall-splat combo. Thank you for your service, Kuma’s hurtbox.

Next, Androktasai shows off what is likely one of the highest damage DF+2 infinite stage combos in the game. Anna may have some short comings as far as her punishment game is concerned, but she hits like a truck to make up for it.

When you think of top level Jin players in Tekken 7, Korea’s CherryBerryMango almost certainly comes to mind. Here’s his stab at tackling Season 2 changes for the one-time Zaibatsu CEO.

I AM OP would like to raise awareness that giving Chloe a manual back-turn transition allows silly wall combo damage to happen.

They also want you to know that Josie’s new CD 1+2 is great.

Amy Lionheart goes over the changes to previously under-utilized Miguel. Are his season 2 changes enough to increase his profile in tournaments?

Last, but certainly not least, mastermind‘s 1 1/2 hour+ feature length film is almost enough time to cover the complex toolkit of new DLC character Lei Wulong.

Thanks to everyone that submitted content to us! If you have some Tekken 7 tech you’d like to share with the world, reach out to us through our tipline.

Sources: DdtOnzAndroktasaiCherryBerryMangoI AM OPmastermindAmy Lionheart


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