Dezmu shows off the strength of Android 16, Bardock, Zamasu and others in new Dragon Ball FighterZ CMV “Wrath of a God”

By on September 12, 2018 at 6:00 pm
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Many of Dragon Ball FighterZ‘s cast are pretty godlike, not just those that claim divinity!

Dezmu of Team Edmonton Gamers shows his love of Dragon Ball FighterZ with this CMV, fittingly entitled Wrath of a God. Starting off with a life-bar-dunking Android 16 sequence and continuing through lengthy combos for Cell, Bardock, Gohan (Teen), Gotenks and Goku, even Yamcha, before closing with a display of power from Zamasu (Fused). And all set to some heavy metal from Dethklok.

Source: Team Edmonton Gamers


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