SherryJenix joins cryptocurrency developer eSports Ecosystem

By on September 11, 2018 at 11:00 am
sherry jenix esports ecosystem

An FGC personality is moving up in the world: Sherry Nhan, better known as SherryJenix in the Street Fighter V competitive scene, has gained some new letters in front of her tag. She announced joining the recently-established eSports Ecosystem, a cryptocurrency company, via Twitter.

The Necalli player’s next event is coming up this weekend — SoCal Regionals 2018.

eSports Ecosystem, the company sponsoring Nhan, aims to create a currency that supports the fighting game scene. They were an Evo 2018 sponsor, and they are also sending two online warriors to Canada Cup 2018.

Congratulations to SherryJenix — and if you haven’t yet, give her a follow on Twitter @sherryjenix.

Source: ESE|Sherry Nhan

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