Sas Izm shows off footsie and command grab setups for Condor in Breaker’s Revenge

By on September 11, 2018 at 6:00 pm

When’s the last time you had Breaker’s Revenge content appear in front of your eyeballs? You can thank Sas Izm for this gift today, as he’s sent us an excellent setup/footsie guide for BR’s resident big man grappler, Condor. As demonstrated, Condor has excellent block strings that he can use to punish thoughtless buttons, then command grab once he’s earned their respect.

Developed by Visco Corp, Breaker’s Revenge is one of the most popular “obscure” fighters in the FGC, survived almost exclusively by emulation and a vocal fanbase (which you can join via Discord). And it kind of has to, as Breaker’s Revenge never made it out of the arcades. Breaker’s Revenge continues to be played regularly in tournaments, particularly in Japan arcades like Mikado.

Source: Sas Izm

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