Mikado Arcade shares new VOD of Fatal Fury Special tournament

By on September 10, 2018 at 6:00 pm

If you don’t already know, world famous Mikado Arcade brings all kinds of arcade action to competitive life in Japan. They are the hub of many major events for a variety of titles — if there’s an old school fighter you want to see a tournament for, Mikado probably has one already penciled in.

One of their more regular entries is Fatal Fury Special, SNK’s classic two-lane 2D fighter. This 1993 release was just barely a year after Street Fighter II: Championship Edition, and may be the very first fighting game with stage interactions.

If you enjoyed the above event, you can see more of their wide-ranging events at thier official YouTube channel. For the night owls in the US, you can even try to catch them when they livestream.

Source: Mikado

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