ott0ma71c explains Blade Strangers’ juggle properties and infinite protection system

By on September 7, 2018 at 3:00 pm
bladestrangers feature image

Blade Strangers combos hurt. A lot. Average bread-n-butter combos can do 35-40%+ with very little in the way of resources spent because of their Tekken-esque juggle properties, and you can adjust combo routes for positioning/carry purposes. The high damage and flexibility may not be obvious if you’re brand new to the game, though, because the system has some un-intuitive (and unexplained in-game) combo limitations on its mostly free-form system.

These limitations, as ott0ma71c explains in their latest video, are centered around encouraging a variety of moves in a combo. As long as you use unique moves — even if it’s the same move of a different strength — the combo will continue up until you’ve done 10 different moves, not counting supers and EX moves. It might seem complicated, but there is a visual indicator in the game: a long, thin white bar underneath each characters health — that tracks how much wiggle room your combo has left.

Source: ott0ma71c

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