Eliza has a new glitch in Tekken 7’s latest patch that makes her super unblockable

By on September 6, 2018 at 12:00 pm

Uh oh. It’s starting to look like Season 2 Eliza unlocked an ancient, forbidden evil — breaking the way her super works in-game!

In Season 1, Eliza’s “Bloody Horn” super had a glitch where it could be used without having the meter for it, allowing her to have what was essentially infinite super meter. This was banned at Evo 2017 and patched out relatively quickly afterwards. Unfortunately, with Season 2 out, the seal on Eliza’s power apparently broke — as did her super, which now becomes unblockable when done after a blocked ff+4,2.

It’s unclear why this keeps happening to Eliza’s super. Just like before, we expect a swift patch will be issued by Namco in response sometime in the future.

Source: RinSenpaiii

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