Anna Williams and Lei Wulong day one roundup for Tekken 7: Haha step, Anna basics, Rage Drive confirms, and more!

By on September 6, 2018 at 3:00 pm
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Well, you asked Harada (despite his insistence that you don’t) and now you have it — Anna and Lei have arrived in Tekken 7. Let’s see what the FGC has put together for these two legacy characters on day one:

Let’s start out with Lei Wulong, Tekken’s world champion at having a million stances. “What do those stances do, exactly?” you may ask, as a newcomer. They mix you up ’til you die, that’s what they do! MELOO shows off some basic combos and gives a taste of the type of mix-up potential Lei brings:

Lei’s Haha step is back. Enjoy.

Lei comes equipped with several Rage Drives and we’ll likely see real development with the character as they are explored. On day one, though, it’s likely no surprise that the first RD tech we see involves combo extension — and half life off a basic launcher certainly isn’t bad for a RD.

I try very hard to only post tech that you can learn from, but I’m going to close out the Lei section with Anakin’s day one Lei only because I’m certain you won’t see this interaction again anytime soon — and you need to.

Anna Williams brings her “Chaos Judgement” stance back to Tekken 7! This state is central to her game-play and combos, so get used to seeing it if you’re new to her.

WonDa GAME starts us off with some basic combos. No one will accuse Anna of not dealing enough damage in this game:

When Anna players get thier execution down, this girl is going to be a comeback nightmare. Rage Drive and execution allow her to break triple digits in open field!

Not only do you get guaranteed Rage Drive after landing CH df+1+2, you can be quite cheeky with your followup, as Androktasai shows.

Do you have Anna or Lei tech you want to share with the world? Send it to us here at SRK!

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