desk breaks down an “unstun” glitch that Ed can cause in Street Fighter V

By on September 4, 2018 at 1:00 pm
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With all the myriad of systems that running in a fighting game, it’s no surprise that many can lead to some unintended interactions or glitches. desk, everybody’s favorite combo genius, has put together a new video dedicated to one such glitch in Street Fighter V.

The glitch in question is a result of how hard knockdowns and Ed’s V-Skill work. The upward version of the latter will put opponents into a hard knockdown state. However, if the opponent gets hit before they hit the ground (something Ed can set up by using his V-Trigger I), they lose the hard knockdown state and can now quick rise.

This in itself isn’t the actual “unstun” glitch. The glitch comes from how the removal of the hard knockdown occurs. With the hard knockdown removed, this allows the opponent to quick rise, even if they’ve have been knocked out, or stunned. In the latter case, the opponent can now input any number of attacks after the quick rise, as long as they don’t return to neutral, where in their character will go into the dizzy animation.

desk calls this state after the dizzy state is applied — but before the dizzy animation — the “unstunned” state (hence the name of the glitch). During this state, the opponent cannot be hit until they enter the dizzy animation. As such, using the “unstun” glitch, they can perform any number of attacks, as long as they don’t go into a neutral state.

Of course, actually causing the glitch isn’t easy. Aside from coming from a very specific set up (hitting Ed’s V-Skill while the projectile from his V-Trigger one is active), it also requires that the opponent get dizzied by the V-Trigger, and not the V-Skill itself.

Source: desk

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