Ultimate Fighting Arena 2018 results

By on September 2, 2018 at 12:00 pm

This weekend in Paris France is Ultimate Fighting Arena 2018, a Capcom Pro Tour Ranking Event and Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Saga Event. Also the line-up of titles are Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, The King of Fighters XIV and Tekken 7, along with a number of side events including BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, The King of Fighters ’98, Mortal Kombat XL, and Ultra Street Fighter IV.

With a trip to the DBFZ World Tour finals on the line, a number of players from Japan and the United States have invaded Europe for the event. Players include GO1, Souji, Tachikawa, garireo HookGangGod, ApologyMan, Supernoon, Nakkiel, Cloud805, Angelic, Alioune, Shanks, A F0xy Grampa, Zer0q, Problem-X, Phenom, Luffy, Akainu, Big Bird, Mister Crimson, will2pac and more.

To watch the event live, check out the streams below, and follow the brackets on Smash.gg.

Gameline (ENG)

Watch live video from Gameline on www.twitch.tv


Watch live video from dragonballfighterz on www.twitch.tv


Watch live video from jvtv on www.twitch.tv

WorldGamingFederation (FRA)

Watch live video from WorldGamingFederation on www.twitch.tv




1. CAG|GO1 (Cell/Bardock/Vegeta (Super Saiyan)
2. NRG|HookGangGod (Cell/Piccolo/Vegeta (Super Saiyan), Piccolo/Android 16/Vegeta (Super Saiyan))
3. PONOS|garireo (Goku Black/Bardock/Android 16)
4. bc|ApologyMan (Piccolo/Tien/Goku (Super Saiyan))
5. Oplon|Skyll (Vegeta/Android 16/Goku (Super Saiyan))
5. PG|Nakkiel (Gotenks/Gohan (Adult)/Goku)
7. R-cade|Alioune (Android 21/Majin Buu/Vegeta (Super Saiyan))
7. GGWP|Souji (Captain Ginyu/Android 16/Goku (Super Saiyan))

9. NidhoGG|Wawa (Gohan (Adult)/Goku/Goku (Super Saiyan))
9. Shanks (Android 18/Gohan (Adult)/Goku (Super Saiyan))
9. YV|Aixy (Android 18/Vegeta (Super Saiyan)/Goku (Super Saiyan))
9. NidhoGG|Eifi (Android 21/Android 18/Goku Black)
13. UYU|Cloud805 (Gohan (Adult)/Goku/Kid Buu)
13. DO|Zer0q
13. A F0xy Grampa (Krillin/Tien/Goku (Super Saiyan))
13. NRG|Supernoon (Kid Buu/Cell/Vegeta (Super Saiyan))

Match Log
Grand Final

CAG|GO1 (Cell/Bardock/Vegeta (Super Saiyan)) vs. NRG|HookGangGod (Cell/Piccolo/Vegeta (Super Saiyan)) – 0-3 Reset
CAG|GO1 (Cell/Bardock/Vegeta (Super Saiyan)) vs. NRG|HookGangGod (Cell/Piccolo/Vegeta (Super Saiyan)) – 3-0

Losers Final

PONOS|garireo (Goku Black/Bardock/Android 16) vs. NRG|HookGangGod (Cell/Piccolo/Vegeta (Super Saiyan)) – 2-3

Winners Final

CAG|GO1 (Cell/Bardock/Vegeta (Super Saiyan)) vs. NRG|HookGangGod (Piccolo/Android 16/Vegeta (Super Saiyan), Piccolo/Cell/Vegeta (Super Saiyan)) – 3-0

Losers Semi-final

PONOS|garireo (Goku Black/Bardock/Android 16) vs. bc|ApologyMan (Piccolo/Tien/Goku (Super Saiyan)) – 2-1

Top 8 Winners

CAG|GO1 (Cell/Bardock/Vegeta (Super Saiyan)) vs. Oplon|Skyll (Vegeta/Android 16/Goku (Super Saiyan)) – 2-0
PG|Nakkiel (Gotenks/Gohan (Adult)/Goku) vs. NRG|HookGangGod (Cell/Piccolo/Vegeta (Super Saiyan)) – 0-2

Top 8 Losers

bc|ApologyMan (Piccolo/Tien/Goku (Super Saiyan)) vs. R-cade|Alioune (Android 21/Majin Buu/Vegeta (Super Saiyan)) – 2-0
GGWP|Souji (Captain Ginyu/Android 16/Goku (Super Saiyan)) vs. PONOS|garireo (Goku Black/Bardock/Android 16) – 0-2

Oplon|Skyll (Vegeta/Android 16/Goku (Super Saiyan)) vs. bc|ApologyMan (Piccolo/Tien/Goku (Super Saiyan)) – 1-2
PG|Nakkiel (Gotenks/Gohan (Adult)/Goku) vs. PONOS|garireo (Goku Black/Bardock/Android 16) – 1-2

Top 16 Winners

CAG|GO1 (Cell/Bardock/Vegeta (Super Saiyan)) vs. YV|Aixy (Android 18/Vegeta (Super Saiyan)/Goku (Super Saiyan)) – 2-0
Oplon|Skyll (Vegeta/Android 16/Goku (Super Saiyan)) vs. NidhoGG|Eifi (Android 21/Android 18/Goku Black) – 2-0
NidhoGG|Wawa (Gohan (Adult)/Goku/Goku (Super Saiyan)) vs. PG|Nakkiel (Gotenks/Gohan (Adult)/Goku) – 0-2
NRG|HookGangGod (Cell/Piccolo/Vegeta (Super Saiyan)) vs. R-cade|Alioune (Android 21/Majin Buu/Vegeta (Super Saiyan)) – 2-1

Top 16 Losers

UYU|Cloud805 vs. bc|ApologyMan
DO|Zer0q vs. Shanks
GGWP|Souji vs. A F0xy Grampa
PONOS|garireo vs. NRG|Supernoon

NidhoGG|Wawa (Gohan (Adult)/Goku/Goku (Super Saiyan)) vs. bc|ApologyMan (Piccolo/Tien/Goku (Super Saiyan)) – 1-2
R-cade|Alioune vs. Shanks
YV|Aixy vs. GGWP|Souji
NidhoGG|Eifi (Android 21/Android 18/Goku Black) vs. PONOS|garireo (Goku Black/Bardock/Android 16) – 1-2



1. Hntati (Maxima/Athena/Iori)
2. gwak.fr|Victor (Xanadu/Muimui/Meitenkun)
3. Ungadyne (Nelson/K’/Clark, Leona/Nelson/Clark)
4. ON|Vics (Leona/Nelson/Bandeiras)

Match Log
Grand Final

gwak.fr|Victor (Xanadu/Muimui/Meitenkun) vs. Hntati (Maxima/Athena/Iori) – 0-3 Reset
gwak.fr|Victor (Xanadu/Muimui/Meitenkun) vs. Hntati (Maxima/Athena/Iori) – 0-3

Losers Final

Hntati (Maxima/Athena/Iori) vs. Ungadyne (Nelson/K’/Clark, Leona/Nelson/Clark) – 3-0

Winners Final

Ungadyne (Nelson/K’/Clark) vs. gwak.fr|Victor (Xanadu/Muimui/Meitenkun) – 2-3

Losers Semi-final

Hntati (Maxima/Athena/Iori) vs. ON|Vics (Leona/Nelson/Bandeiras) – 2-0



1. NASR|AngryBird (Akuma, Zeku)
2. NVD|Momi (Cammy)
3. NVD|Phenom (Necalli, Guile)
4. BJK|Luffy (R. Mika)
5. xL|Isam (M. Bison)
5. mouz|Problem-X (Abigail, G)
7. JonesArcade (Ken)
7. Method|Broski (Dhalsim)

Match Log
Grand Final

NVD|Momi (Cammy) vs. NASR|AngryBird (Zeku) – 0-3

Losers Final

NVD|Momi (Cammy) vs. NVD|Phenom (Necalli, Guile) – 3-1

Winners Final

NASR|AngryBird (Zeku) vs. NVD|Phenom (Necalli) – 3-0

Losers Semi-final

NVD|Momi (Cammy) vs. BJK|Luffy (R. Mika) – 3-1

Top 8 Winners

mouz|Problem-X (G) vs. NASR|AngryBird (Akuma) – 2-3
NVD|Phenom (Necalli) vs. NVD|Momi (Cammy) – 3-0

Top 8 Losers

xL|Isam (M. Bison) vs. JonesArcade (Ken) – 3-1
BJK|Luffy (R. Mika) vs. Method|Broski (Dhalsim) – 3-0

NVD|Momi (Cammy) vs. xL|Isam (M. Bison) – 3-0
mouz|Problem-X (Abigail) vs. BJK|Luffy (R. Mika) – 0-3



1. GGPlayer (Elphelt)
2. Nyphi7 (Sol Badguy)
3. gwak.fr|Shenzo (Dizzy)
4. DO|KenDeep (Kum Haehyun)

Match Log
Grand Final

GGPlayer (Elphelt) vs. Nyphi7 (Sol Badguy) – 3-2

Losers Final

gwak.fr|Shenzo (Dizzy) vs. Nyphi7 (Sol Badguy) – 1-3

Winners Final

gwak.fr|Shenzo (Dizzy) vs. GGPlayer (Elphelt) – 0-3

Losers Semi-final

Nyphi7 (Sol Badguy) vs. DO|KenDeep (Kum Haehyun) – 3-0



1. Konix|Gunni (Jack-7, Geese, Nina, King)
2. ELS|DougFromParis (Steve, Paul, Geese)
3. Kalak (Lili, Katarina)
4. WanteD|TinkiBoobiz (Kuma, Panda, Lee)
5. AlFa (Hwoarang)
5. Mickadi (Geese)
7. Yamaturga (Kuma, Lars)
7. Millenium|GEN1US (Paul)

Match Log
Grand Final

ELS|DougFromParis (Steve) vs. Konix|Gunni (King, Jack-7) – 2-3 Reset
ELS|DougFromParis (Steve, Paul) vs. Konix|Gunni (Jack-7) – 0-3

Losers Final

Kalak (Lili) vs. Konix|Gunni (Jack-7) – 0-3

Winners Final

Kalak (Lili, Katarina) vs. ELS|DougFromParis (Geese, Steve) – 1-3

Losers Semi-final

WanteD|TinkiBoobiz (Lee) vs. Konix|Gunni (Geese) – 0-3

Top 8 Winners

Kalak (Lili, Katarina) vs. WanteD|TinkiBookiz (Kuma, Panda) – 3-1
Konix|Gunni (Nina, Geese) vs. ELS|DougFromParis (Paul, Steve) – 1-3

Top 8 Losers

Yamaturga (Kuma, Lars) vs. AlFa (Hwoarang) – 0-3
Mickadi (Geese) vs. Millenium|GEN1US (Paul) – 3-2

WanteD|TinkiBoobiz (Kuma) vs. AlFa (Hwoarang) – 3-1
Konix|Gunni (Jack-7) vs. Mickadi (Geese) – 3-0

Sources: Ultimate Fighting Arena, Capcom Pro Tour