Leaked images from Melbourne eSports Open show Cervantes and Raphael in Soul Calibur VI

By on September 1, 2018 at 10:00 am

Fear the name of the dread pirate!

With a short amount of time in which to unveil information, we may have accidentally received more information on returning cast members within Soul Calibur VI. From images and video reported to be from a build on display at Melbourne eSports Open in Australia, a leak of the new character select screen appears to show Raphael and Cervantes:



Both characters have been mainstays of the series, so much so that they were two of only a handful of legacy characters to make it into the previous title, Soul Calibur V. As such, they were highly anticipated for this title.

Further, video was leaked of actual gameplay of Raphael and Cervantes from the same event–yet quickly removed. It has been mirrored here:

With this leak and a verifiable location for it, it is likely we will see trailers for the two characters sometime soon.

Source: Avoiding the Puddle

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