Here’s a peek at the special Akuma color that Tokido won for Street Fighter V at RAGE’s Byakko Cup

By on August 31, 2018 at 9:00 am

One of the most special tournaments for Street Fighter V is the annual tournament hosted by RAGE in the theme of the four heavenly beasts of Eastern mythology. Unlike every other tournament, these give the winner access to a special themed color for their character — that only they will ever get to use.

This year’s tournament was the Byakko Cup, and its winner was none other than Echo Fox’s Tokido. By winning the tournament, Tokido earned a unique Akuma costume all to himself; the costume features a white-haired Akuma with a dark grey gi bearing the logo of the Byakko Cup on its back.

For those curious about what this costume looks like, HiFight shared an image of it on their twitter account.


With this, Tokido joins Mizuha and Fujimura as one of the owners of one of these unique costumes. You can check out Mizuha’s Chun-Li from the Suzaku Cup, and Fujimura’s Nash from the Genbu Cup below:

Additionally, this means that there may be only one more costume left to win, for what should next be the Seiryu Cup.

Source: HiFight

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