r/StreetFighter sponsoring Mahreen & MonoPR to compete at Canada Cup 2018; Sponsorship t-shirts now available

By on August 30, 2018 at 4:00 pm
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You can help send these fighters to Canada Cup with your support!

The community voting has completed, and two competitors have been selected to be sponsored by the r/StreetFighter subreddit to join the fight in Street Fighter V at Canada Cup 2018. Both Mahreen and MonoPR will take on the challenge!

r/StreetFighter is now looking at raising the required funds to send these fighters to the tournament in Toronto. If you’d like to show your own support for these players (and their Street Fighter V mains, Laura and F.A.N.G respectively), t-shirts are now available to purchase online via Teespring.

Sponsorship details can all be found on the r/SF thread. Canada Cup 2018 takes place at EGLX in Toronto, Ontario on October 26-29.


Source: r/StreetFighter

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