Final Showdown demonstrates more of what Piccolo and Frieza can do in Dragon Ball FighterZ, post patch

By on August 30, 2018 at 11:00 am

Thanks to its patch earlier this month, players are now trying out a lot of new things in Dragon Ball FighterZ. One such player is veteran combo video maker Clayton “Final Showdown” Chapman, who’s already put out a large number of videos exploring the game.

One of the characters that Final Showdown has done a lot of research on in Dragon Ball FighterZ‘s latest patch is Piccolo. The changes made to the Namek have allowed him to do a lot with his orbs. The videos below from Final Showdown show more of he can do with the orbs, as well as explore Piccolo’s maximum damage potential of a bread-and-butter combo.

Now, one of the characters who’s received a lot of attention post patch is Frieza. The character got a number of changes, including — but not limited to — a buffed Golden Frieza mode, that has opened new doors to damage for the character.

Source: Final Showdown

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