Balrog gets a new (but classic) costume in Street Fighter V’s Fighting Chance, based on Street Fighter’s Mike

By on August 29, 2018 at 10:00 am
sfv balrog mike-like mike costume

Another Heavenly King connects to his roots.

Following in same theme as Sagat’s pre-Shoryuken costume, Street Fighter V‘s Fighting Chance mode is now tempting Balrog mains with the Mike-Like costume, a tribute to the original Street Fighter pugilist that served as a prototype/inspiration for one of Street Fighter II‘s Four Kings.

Mike fans that want to add this costume to Balrog’s wardrobe will need to buy Fortune Tickets in SFV’s lootbox-ish Fighting Chance minigame; the first try is free, but additional shots to get the costume (amidst the other items that the mode provides) will take some Fight Money off your hands.

This costume replaces the Cannon Spike outfit for Cammy in Fighting Chance, while Sagat’s Street Fighter costume is still available. Although the announcement lists the costume as “available in Fighting Chance until 9/24”, the Fighting Chance reading 10-pack for this outfit is listed as being available until October 14 in-game.

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