Take some time to learn about Zasalamel’s chronomancy tricks in SoulCalibur VI

By on August 27, 2018 at 1:00 pm
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The ability to stop time sounds like something straight out of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and yet, returning character Zasalamel’s repertoire includes chronomancy tricks. By now, many players surely have spotted that the scythe-wielder has some new mechanics involving curses — floating orbs that stay on the opponent.

If you’re looking forward to once again using Zasalamel, you should check out this tutorial that lays out the basics of the character. Andyroo assists Hayate in going over Zasalamel’s changes; though this fighter’s attacks are somewhat slower and often punishable, he makes up for it with the ability to manipulate the opponent around the playing field. A lot of his moves pull the victim closer, setting up an opportunity to take advantage of his new abilities. Zasalamel has a new series of B+K moves that can apply curses onto the opponent whether they block or attack. He can stack this up to three times, then release the orbs with certain moves. When that happens, he briefly stops time. Depending on how many orbs were stacked, he can either continue a combo or retain a lot of frame advantage.

Check out the rest of the tutorial below to learn about some exciting Soul Charge moves that Zaslamel is hiding in his arsenal. To learn more about other SoulCalibur VI fighters, check out the Siegfried tutorial.

Source: Hayate EIN

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