Dish out new ninjutsu tactics with this Taki tutorial for SoulCalibur VI

By on August 27, 2018 at 4:00 pm
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Everyone’s favorite Fu-Ma clan ninja and a mainstay SoulCalibur character since the beginning (except for SCV, but we’ll overlook that) needs no introduction. Famous for her good looks and powerful ninjutsu, Taki returns in SoulCalibur VI and though she seems fairly straightforward, you might still actually learn a thing or two from Hayate’s thorough breakdown video.

Of course, Taki excels in moving quickly and dodging, sometimes even attacking from the air. This plays into her having a limited range, but once she’s close, she can start using her Possession stance for pressure. Most of the moves from the past games return. But she also has plenty of new tricks to surprise her enemies, like a 6A+B projectile. A brand new mechanic revolves around her second blade, Mekki Maru. Any attacks with this weapon (highlighted purple) deal chip damage to the opponent, breaking through their defenses a bit and whittling down their life bar.

Taki has many moves that help her close the gap, and at the right moment, she can use Soul Charge to turn the tide. Similarly to other characters, her damage increases considerably in that mode. She gains some follow-ups that even launch the opponent to finish them off with her air throw.

Hayate’s other recent guide covers SoulCalibur VI‘s Zasalamel.

Source: Hayate EIN

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