Punch Planet’s Maxx converts off of command grabs, overheads, and more in latest combo primer

By on August 26, 2018 at 4:00 pm
maxx punch planet

“Got em’!”

Punch Planet‘s latest character, Maxx, is the first proper charge character introduced in game. This brawlin’ bouncer is a unique combination of dash punching and long range command grabs — if you’re a fan of Street Fighter IV‘s Boxer, or any sort of jumping command grab like Birdie’s Dolphin Dive, then Maxx might appeal to you.

If you haven’t made the jump in yet, Phillip James has put together an excellent demonstration to get you started. Maxx’s links, meter-consuming time cancels, and resets using his 0-juggle point st.MK are all on display here — as well as his incredibly fast super that links from, well, everything.

Source: Phillip James

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