America’s longest running Virtua Fighter tournament, NYG13, streaming live

By on August 25, 2018 at 2:00 pm

If you love Virtua Fighter 5 and wonder what the American scene looks like, there is but one event you’ll want to see this weekend: NYG13. America’s longest running event is made possible by the efforts of iFixMachine, whom have provided arcade cabinets running VF5R and VF5FS.


Watch live video from nycfurby on


The tournament itself will be streamed by nycfurby. and will run on Aug 25th at around 5:00 PM Local time. In addition to the prize pool from entry fees, member Harpooneer will be providing a $250 pot bonus to 1st-3rd place in addition to the matcherino for the tournament.

You can follow along with the bracket for this tournament at challonge.

Source: nycfurby

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