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This past weekend, following massive showings at Evo 2018 and Super Smash Con 2018, there was even more Smash action — courtesy of Heir 5 in Leicester, United Kingdom. This event was solely focused on Super Smash Bros. Melee, with Singles and Doubles tournaments, as well as a Regional Crew Battle featuring the United Sates of America, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, England, Austria, France, Wales, Ireland, Finland, Switzerland, Scotland, Belgium, and Denmark. 752 total players were in attendance, including Evo 2018 Champion TSM|Leffen, Super Smash Con 2018 Champion Alliance|Armada, Tempo|S2J, G2|Westballz, Trif, RB|Ice, Professor Pro, Alliance|Android, Overtriforce, Asterion|Amsah, Liquid|Chillindude, and more.



Super Smash Bros. Melee

1. TSM|Leffen (Fox)
2. G2|Westballz (Falco)
3. Tempo|S2J (Captain Falcon)
4. RB|Ice (Fox)
5. SUN|Daydee (Samus)
5. Trif (Peach)
7. Nicki (Fox)
7. Professor Pro (Fox)
9. Pricent (Fox)
9. Heir|Vanity Angel (Peach)
9. Asterion|Amsah (Sheik)
9. Overtriforce (Sheik)
13. MINT (Fox)
13. Tekk (Jigglypuff)
13. Eekim (Marth)
13. SDS|UnHaven (Ice Climbers)
17. Liquid|Chillindude (Fox)
17. Fuzzyness (Fox)
17. Mahie (Marth)
17. 8BP|Frenzy (Falco)
17. Timi (Falco)
17. Widl (Peach)
17. Isdsar (Captain Falcon)
17. nebbii (Yoshi)
25. eR|Kaese (Sheik)
25. Reno (Fox, Sheik)
25. TimeMuffinPhD (Fox)
25. Sverre (Captain Falcon)
25. Fatman.spam (Ice Climbers)
25. SchlimmShady (Dr. Mario)
25. Moe (Donkey Kong)
25. maXy (Jigglypuff)

Super Smash Bros. Melee (Doubles)

1. Alliance|Armada (Peach) and Alliance|Android (Sheik)
2. Trif (Peach) and Overtriforce (Sheik)
3. Tempo|S2J (Captain Falcon) and Tekk (Jigglypuff)
4. Professor Pro (Fox) and Asterion|Amsah (Sheik)
5. R23 (Sheik) and Heir|Vanity Angel (Peach)
5. Nebbii (Yoshi) and Nicki (Fox)
7. Zoler (Fox) and SUN|Daydee (Samus)
7. Zorc (Falco) and Vdogg (Fox)

Super Smash Bros. Melee ~ International Crew Battle

1. USA: G2|Westballz (Falco), Tempo|S2J (Captain Falcon), Zhu (Falco), Reno (Sheik), Liquid|Chillindude (Fox), Toph (Fox), Mikey (Marth), R2DLiu (Fox), GaWes (Captain Falcon), Focus (Luigi)
2. Germany: Usleon (Sheik), Charon (Marth), Blaze (Peach), SchlimmShady (Dr. Mario), Kellner (Peach), RB|Ice (Marth), Fatman.spam (Ice Climbers), Nicki (Fox)
3. Sweden: Alliance|Armada (Sheik), Humpe (Falco), SUN|Daydee (Samus), Zoler (Fox), Random-Ness (Fox), FA0 (Ice Climbers), Yabasta (Marth), Eekim (Marth), Pipsqueak (Fox), Poopmaister6000 (Jigglypuff)
4. Netherlands: Asterion|Amsah (Sheik), Nebbii (Yoshi), Jim Morrison (Fox), Atlas (Marth), Chrollo (Fox)
5. Spain: Trif (Peach), Overtriforce (Sheik), SaiX (Fox), Mäjoras (Peach), Danieru (Fox), Yuyin (Marth), Kisame (Jigglypuff), GBlade (Marth), Seru (Marth), Flamecube64d
5. Norway: Zorc (Flaco), Widl (Peach), Sverre (Captain Falcon), Pricent (Fox), Voffe (Marth)
7. Austria: Timi (Falco), Pasi (Fox), Clemens (Fox), gLory (Sheik), Ramon (Captain Falcon), BaronBrody (Falco), Nikstar (Fox), Yoghurt (Marth), parad01x (Marth), El Bandi
7. England: Professor Pro (Fox), Fuzzyness (Falco), Heir|Vanity Angel (Peach), Frenzy (Falco), R23 (Sheik), AlphaDash (Ice Climbers), SDS|UnHaven (Ice Climbers), Laurster (Peach)

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