Here’s over 10 hours of high level Blade Strangers gameplay from Tokyo’s arcade location tests

By on August 22, 2018 at 1:00 pm

As we near the release of Nicalis’s new crossover fighter Blade Strangers, it’s important for the FGC to understand what a proper match looks like before making a purchase. Blade Strangers is a new IP and, as such, there’s only one beta test environment likely to produce quality matches that will resemble post-release games: the tried-and-true environment of arcade location tests in Japan.

These videos were taken from two days of testing at Port 24 Gaming Center. The most recent footage from the 15th shows a wide variety of character usage. Pay special attention to the win streaks from the hyper aggressive Helen and Ali players, who make excellent use of Melty Blood-esque air-to-air counter-hit conversions and set-play.

For grappler fans, you’ll want to see the footage from the 12th — Shovel Knight plays a simple, powerful game with his counter-hit jump in combos and EX Command Grab conversions. If you get someone into the corner? Lock them down all day with dig.

This footage was brought to our attention by Doghouse|Corgian, whom is also in charge of the Blade Strangers discord server. If anything interests you about the footage above and you want to find out more about the game, be sure to check out the growing scene here!

Blade Strangers launches on August 28th for the PS4, Switch, and Steam.

Source: ポート24八事店Doghouse|Corgian

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