Tira announced for SoulCalibur VI as a bonus character for the Season Pass, Libra of Soul story mode focuses on custom characters

By on August 21, 2018 at 6:54 am
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The ring-swinging jester is back in a familiar form and the second story mode is whatever you make it

Bandai Namco Entertainment announced early this morning, but not too early for those at Gamescom 2018, that the unstable ringmaster, Tira, will be included in SoulCalibur VI as a bonus included in the Season Pass and as standalone DLC. The character’s look echoes her two original designs from SoulCalibur III and Tira’s unique character trait also returns, with her fighting style changing along with her own personality, from light and bubbly to dark and relentless.

That’s not all of the new information for today. Bandai Namco Entertainment also released another trailer for Gamescom 2018 giving a sneak peek at Libra of Soul, a secondary story mode where players create their own characters to join in the battle for the fate of history.

Character creation works a little differently in SoulCalibur VI. While the movesets and weapons are still based on the roster of main characters, players begin the process by choosing one of sixteen races. Among these races are humans, lizardmen, automatons, outcasts (which are more like animal people, but not to the same degree as lizardmen, think bunny ears), skeletons, and many more. From there, things look more familiar, with plenty of options for armor, colors, and afros, among other hairstyles.

The story is told through cutscenes and battles against both the main cast of SoulCalibur VI and original fighters made by the community. Players move throughout the world map by using in-game currency, journeying to different locations of interest with various methods for character progression. Players can even gather Soul Edge shards and gain experience in battles, all in hope to defeat the mode’s new sorcerer antagonist.

SoulCalibur VI is practically around the corner, releasing October 19, 2018, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Stick around for more news from Gamescom 2018 and SoulCalibur VI!

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