MixBox showcases Street Fighter V character combos, and discusses their new SOCD switch

By on August 18, 2018 at 4:00 pm

MixBox has done more than replace joysticks with keyboard buttons — they are now revealing a new SOCD switch, as well as a slew of combo videos to show fans exactly how precise their controller can be.

The MixBox is known for its unique take on button inputs. Rather than using a joystick, the MixBox has installed keyboard buttons in its place, a first-cousin of sorts to the HitBox arcade controller. This decision was made for PC players to utilize multi-button inputs, as well as to save on stick space with accessibility and finger placement in mind.

While the MixBox might look like the perfect controller for PC players looking to make the switch, joystick and gamepad fiends rightly speculate on its ease of use. YouTuber Future Soldiers created a combo video to showcase the stick’s precision and responsiveness. “A lot of people have been skeptical about this fight stick,” he began, “It’s very responsive once you get used to it. Yes, there’s a learning curve to it, just as there is with the HitBox… as far as execution goes, it’s on point, because there’s no diagonals.”


Much like the HitBox, players can simply use a button combination in place of directional inputs, dismissing the need for joysticks’ directional precision. Future Soldiers’ combo video was a prime example of this: he was able to clear Ryu’s trials quickly and cleanly, with a simple combination of button presses for both directional inputs and attacks. More trial videos are forthcoming, as well, detailing Season 1 all the way through Season 3, and beyond.

PyJmHQ8aAside from demonstrating the MixBox’s precision, the company is also implementing a new switch meant to aid players of charge characters. According to MixBox, the SOCD switch has multiple settings, allowing two keyboard inputs to be read as neutral, upwards, or forwards. “When you press left, and then press right, the forward input will become neutral,” a representative explained. “When you press down and press up, the forward input will become up. Another option is, when you press left and then press right, the forward input it will become right. When you press down and press up, forward will become up, as well.”

MixBox’s representative assured that the switch is tournament legal, as consulted by staff of the Evolution Championship Series. Be sure to keep an eye out for more combo videos demonstrating the MixBox’s input accuracy!

Sources: MixBox, Future Soldiers (YouTube)

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