The Capcom Shadaloo C.R.I. announce plans to nerf Sagat V-Skill Uppercut at end of August, reveal balance changes in most recent Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition patch

By on August 14, 2018 at 11:00 am

Just a week after his release, Capcom has made a major change to the King of Muay Thai.

Early this morning, Capcom announced via their Shadaloo C.R.I. site that a “serious oversight” would be addressed in regards to one of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s most recent releases, Sagat. According to the report, a “problem with big influence on the battle was found,” and Capcom is already taking steps to remedy it.

The issue in question is Sagat’s Tiger Uppercut: currently, the move’s V-Skill iteration is completely invulnerable between frame 3 and 7 of its animation. The quickly upcoming patch will seek to fix this, rendering it invincible in regards to projectiles and attacks only — not throws. This nerf will make Sagat’s Tiger Uppercut V-Skill unsafe in regards to grabs, leaving players to adapt to a new change early on in his lifespan.

When Sagat was added on the 7th, Capcom revealed that new changes were ushered in with him: According to the post, certain “lock-on” attacks would reverse players’ inputs. Characters affected by this glitch include Cammy, Dictator, Kolin, Zeku, and Blanka. Old Zeku will be able to cancel his cr.HP into special moves and V-Trigger, while Blanka will no longer be able to perform his normal Electric Thunder during V-Trigger 1 via jump cancelling. Ryu, Abigail, and Mika likewise received some changes — Ryu won’t be subject to V-Trigger damage scaling after stunning his opponents with Collarbone Breaker or Axe Kick. Abigail’s hitboxes during Abi-Lift will also be fixed, no longer hitting opponents behind him due to his collision box clashing with his opponents’ knockback. Players can read a full list of the changes here.


Alongside these developments comes an all-new training option — Following a ranked or casual match, players can now choose to return to training mode against the last character they played, allowing for immediate labbing following the battle.

Source: Shadaloo C.R.I. (Capcom)

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