Final Showdown showcases what Teen Gohan and Piccolo can now do after Dragon Ball FighterZ’s latest patch

By on August 13, 2018 at 1:00 pm

Dragon Ball FighterZ‘s latest patch was meant to give some of the less-used characters a bit more tools to work with. Now, content creators are starting to unlock the potential of these buffed characters. One of these combo video creators is none other than Final Showdown, who’s discovered a lot of the tech for Dragon Ball FighterZ. His latest videos cover two of the characters affected by the patch: Teen Gohan and Piccolo.

For Teen Gohan, the patch has basically made some harder-to-do combos much easier. This includes a couple of loops that used to be a bit impractical, that are now much easier to pull off in real matches.

His video for Piccolo is much shorter, simply focusing on his orbs, which received more hit stun post patch. This makes combos out of the orbs much easier.

Source: Final Showdown

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