Yatagarasu announces voice actors for 3 new characters in upcoming “Enter the Eastward” arcade update

By on August 11, 2018 at 4:00 pm

Pictured above: Yatagarasu‘s new character, Wagui.

Right now, Yatagarasu sits in an odd place in the FGC. An independent PC game made by three former King of Fighters developers in 2008, it managed a successful crowd funding campaign in 2014 and expanded into a full title — Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm — for Steam and Arcades. Through solid game-play aimed purely at the FGC, this indie darling earned word-of-mouth praise and support.

Whatever incredible momentum it had, though, has all but fizzled out anywhere outside of Japan. In the years since Yatagarasu‘s near complete abandonment of its Steam version, the indie fighting game market has boomed and moved far beyond what was possible when Yatagarasu was originally in development. A quick glance through at its own steam community page sees players asking the same question about the game once poised to rule all other indie fighters: “Is it dead?”

One thing you should know about Yatagarasu is that it is heavily influenced by Street Fighter III: Third Strike. What’s the most important thing to learn from 3S’s scene? It will never die.

And the same looks to be true for Yatagarasu, which saw new life in it’s announcement for the Enter the Eastward update teased last year. In the truest Yatagarasu fashion possible, the developers have waited just long enough for this announcement to fade from memory before stopping by 4gamer.net to reveal that the update is still on its way and will be adding three new characters:

  • Wagui, an eldery butler voiced by Shinobu Matsumoto (VA of Akatsuki in Under Night In Birth: EXe Late[st])
  • A new male character voiced by Kimoto Hoshiko.
  • A new female character voice by Yumimi Hanamori.

Frustratingly, there’s still no update as to when any of this will touch down on platforms outside of the JP arcade version, or information on the two newest additions to the cast. Yatagarasu supporters are still waiting for promised netplay updates, and physical rewards from 2014 reached backers only last year — the hardest game of patience you can play in the FGC right now, it seems, is waiting for Yatagarasu news.

Source: 4gamer.netATRyoSakazaki

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